This bundle is to be installed if you've purchased the NetSuite Starter Bundle or Growth Bundle

Requirements to be met before installing the HubSpot bundle in NetSuite:

  • You should be using an administrator or equivalent account in order to install bundles.
  • You can install bundles as long as your role has the Suite Bundler Permission

Installing the bundle:

  1. Click the Customization menu at the top of the screen and then click the SuiteBundler option near the bottom of the menu. Select Search and Install Bundles. This will take you to the bundle search page
  2. From here, click the Search button on the upper left portion of the page. You will need to search in the advanced findwith the following criteria:
    • Location: Production Account
    • Account ID: tstdrv1257229
    • Bundle #: 316296
    • Name: "LyntonWeb HubSpot <> NetSuite"
  3. Once you have found the bundle, simply click on the name of the bundle. You will be taken to the install screen for that bundle. 
  4. Click "install" to install the "Integrate HubSpot/NetSuite by LyntonWeb" bundle. 
  5. A status screen will provide you with information about the progress of the install.

Best practice:

When installing any bundle, install in your sandbox or development account first. This will give you a chance to understand what was installed, and provide you time to work with it. You should then install the bundle in your production environment.