Below are the initial tasks to be completed by the client in order to begin the integration. 

Provide HubSpot Access

  • To add us to HubSpot, go to Settings > Users > add as a Super Administrator 

Provide Dynamics Access

  • Create aDynamics user account for the integration
  • We recommend creating a CRM user that is solely dedicated to the integration
  • The Dynamics user will need to have an Admin role

Install the Dynamics Solution Package

  1. Click HERE to download the Starter or Growth solution package
  2. Before installing the solution package in your production Dynamics environment, we recommend creating a backup of your Dynamics. 
  3. We recommend having your DYN Admin test the solution in a sandbox environment first, as it may cause conflicts if your Dynamics environment is extremely customized.
  4. Click HERE for instructions on how to install the solution package
  5. Curious what you can expect to see once the bundle is installed? Check this out!

If you are unable to complete all tasks above yourself, we highly recommend sending this article to your DYN Admin or IT Team who can assist you in completing these tasks.